Terms and conditions

General provisions
  1. Our goods and services are only offered subject to the following stipulations, even if not expressly cited. Our terms and conditions apply to all contracts with companies, corporate bodies under public law and public assets. At the very latest, our terms and conditions are considered to be accepted upon receipt of goods.
  2. Conditions that differ from ours only apply if we have provided express written authorisation.
Delivery times
Delivery times are approximate and non-binding, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
  1. Our prices are exclusive of applicable VAT at the time of invoicing.
  2. If, upon signing the contract, no prices have been agreed, the prices valid on the date of delivery will apply.
  3. Concerning partial deliveries, each delivery may be charged separately.
  4. Unless the invoice indicates otherwise, the price is payable in full upon receipt of the invoice.
  5. In the event that the client defaults on payment, we may exercise our right to charge default interest at the currently applicable interest rate.
  6. In the event of delay, non-compliance with payment terms or circumstances that reduce the creditworthiness of the client, all outstanding invoices must be paid immediately.
  7. This does not affect any other contractual or legal measures applicable in the event of non-compliance or default.
Transfer of risk
Concerning collectible debt, the risk is transferred when goods are passed to the client.
Concerning debt discharged by remittance, the risk is transferred upon passing goods to the transport company.
Concerning debt to be delivered to the creditor, the risk is transferred upon leaving the company premises.
Reservation of proprietary rights
  1. All delivered goods remain our property until the client has paid all outstanding quantities arising from the business relationship.
  2. In the event of payment defaults by the client, we may exercise the right to reclaim our goods. The costs involved in reclaiming goods (in particular in terms of any repackaging or further processing) will be met by the client.
  3. We are entitled to prohibit the client from any further processing or resale of our goods.
  4. The client agrees to handle the goods with care.
  1. If defects are identified in any delivered goods, we are entitled to offer a supplementary performance or rescission of goods through replacement delivery.
  2. If a supplementary performance or rescission of goods is not possible, or if this fails, the client has the right to withdraw from the contract.
Jurisdiction, place of performance and applicable legislation
  1. The place of jurisdiction is Munich.
  2. The place of performance is the dispatch location.
  3. The legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany applies (German Civil Code, German Commercial Code)
  1. Any amendment to the contract requires our consent.
  2. If parts of these terms are rendered ineffective or void (in whole or in part), all other parts remain unaffected.